Meredith Grey started knitting

I’ve recently fell into a deep hole of spending each and every night in my *not sexy* pajamas, eating ice-cream, watching Grey’s Anatomy, periodically crying for one of those too-nice-and-unreal-to-actually-exist-men on the show (George anyone?!) or hating on the actual main character. I am not pleading on watching this show, although it’s great in a low-key sad way. I’m just saying it’s more than what meets the eye, although organs brains and scalpels really do hit your eye quite often.

It seems as though each and every character is somehow struggling with their own version of feelings rejected by someone très special to them. Each of them is trying their own way of growing out of these old habits of dreaming about someone they may never bound to be with, yet dream about at the very last. One is cutting his hair in a ridiculous way, the other decides to fully ignore the other, dellusionally denying they  are only fooling themselves, and then there is Meredith who started knitting a sweater in order to keep her thoughts on men she can’t have from cursing her mind.

My very own method in addition to Meredith’s very clever approach would be: Look ridiculous…aka …fabulous!

Knitting is a good start actually, but I’ve discovered that the most comforting and confident way to get away from being objectified and looked at as a female in a pretty mini skirt is a) of course owning it and b) just doing the exact opposite from what’s being considered female by taking away shape.

This is not meant to sound like women need to hide their bodies in order to feel safe at all. It’s just, sometimes one doesn’t want to look like that pretty girl guys are looking at just cause she has a nice bum or any type of female attribute for the most part. So this look attempts to be a tiny revolt against the ideal female look but still includes feminine features. Each item could be dressed up individual, but as a whole they create this no-i-actually-didn’t-give-a-fuck-about-how-to-look-ominously-pretty-today.

This is how I feel comfortable lately and just like i can be myself.I’m sure there are multiple ways of feeling just that, so here is my approach on the untouchable femme.







P a n t s : Zara

S h i r t: made it myself

J a c k e t: Vintage + DIY

S h o e s: Asos

G l a s s e s: H&M


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