a meaningful article on a meaningful topic with a meaningful conclusion

What you are reading here is supposed to be the start of a well thought through article on a meaningful subject of my choice I researched extensively and am now going to present to you in bearable bits and pieces, made sure there is not


much text, and that I insert enough

paragraphs, since it is very stimulating for the human brain to keep scrolling in search of new

information, for the thrill of feeling achieved, for the thrill of having read something the author so whole heartedly made sure to remind you off, is surely thought through and therefore not a waste


precious, precious time. Leaving you in a cognitive dissonance (“the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioural decisions and attitude change.” -Google search the first thing that came up) by telling you that time spent on the internet is a waste in itself , especially since I could just so very


this caption underlines the point this witty collage is making

spontaneously decide to tell you that really, I have nothing to say at all, leaving you with …nothing… but the realization that ‘argh, fuck that author, I have just been tricked to waste 2 minutes of my precious, precious time on here.’. But that I wouldn’t do. Because

I do

have something to say. In fact I’ve been saying it throughout this little journey of wildly adventurously  spread paragraphs. Maybe you’ve missed it, just there..






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