an article on clothes that are really expensive

Somehow the urge to put this out here just came over me. I have been following fashion month rather as a morning- in -bed -with -cornflakes- ritual and haven’t actually even seen it all but still I wanted to gather my favorite outfits from Fall/Winter 18 on here.

I take fashion shows as a source of inspiration from a world that is quite a little too extra for my taste. I enjoy their over exaggerated cuts and styling as a way of pushing my own way of standing in front of my cupboard every day choosing what exactly to put on my body.

Quite honestly, I have to say, proving all vain fashion blog stereotypes, that the brands I tend to be looking forward to the most are Gucci, Balenciaga , Gosha Rubchinsky, Dior and Chanel. So if one of you is by any means a fashion expert..I’m sorry..this is probably gonna hurt to read.

1. reincarnated Jackie Kennedy from Jupiter (yup, y’all know I’m talking about Moschino) 

I personally am a huge fan of 50s and 60s fashion, so I really enjoyed this colorful and pop art clash between the conservatism of that era and a new alien touch to it. 

moschino 2

moschino 1moschino 5

2. cherry bomb

 This category combines androgyny with an unapologetically female status. These are fierce, strong and sometimes quite unattractive looks. All of these outfits are meant to be more than just to be looked at and make its wearer seem appealing. I love the boldness and loudness of these looks and would love to incorporate more of the IDGAF attitude to my wardrobe. 

versace 1

Versace (pictures above: YSL, Fendi)

marine serre 2

Marine Serre

Vetements 1

Vetements (this look totally reminded me of something my grandma would wear today, since she still is way more high fashion than I will ever be)

Miu Miu : Runway - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2018/2019

Miu Miu


balenciaga 1

Balenciaga (gosh, I love a good creepy runway stare)

3. delicate and fragile insects 

This category is all about pastel colored, delicate fabrics, draped effortlessly around the female body. To me these looks point out the vulnerability of the clothes in contrast to the strong and powerful character of its owner.

mulberry 1


jacquemus 1

Jacquemus ( this look reminded me of a grown up Cher Horowitz)

chanel 1

Chanel ( i love the combination of evening dresses with the only pair of shoes I actually own)

gucci 1

Gucci ( I really fell in love with the vinyl trend and love this pastel beige take on it)

gucci 4

Gucci -> I mainly put this in here because of  this video I found on Youtube

4. walking the dog 

As a dog owner I was particularly impressed by the incorporation of practical fabrics and warm, earthy materials. I mean, I get it, don’t take out your dog in totally overpriced sparkly boots, but it’s the fantasy that counts.


Dior (the collection wasn’t actually my cup of tea, but I feel like this look could easily be adapted from my own wardrobe)

givenchy 1

I call this ” New Moon, howling with your Beagle” it is Givenchy btw

5. Contrasting 

balenciaga 3

Balenciaga (Ok, i looove this look! I once bought a red pair of tights and never knew what to do with them until now) 

baleciaga 5

gucci 3

Gucci ( the same thing applies here, I really enjoy weirdly patterned tights)

gucci 2



an average fashion blog post

As for my current state of mind, it’s wandering. My sense of fashion isn’t really existent at the moment and to be frank, fashion doesn’t bother me much these days (which might be due to the fact that i’m absolutely , terrifyingly broke).

These days I mostly spent my time trying to make believe.

Trying to make believe in terms of cultural heritage, human relations, my emotions and feelings, my actual life. I spare you all the endless and ongoing monologue of me rambling about the lost cause of love in modern age (which I simply refuse to believe is a lost cause).

Instead I’ll indulge in the pleasure of filling this utterly ‘unexciting, superficial, unimportant’ fashion blog with great excitement. Its phoniness and utter uselessness is what made me start one in the first place. Isn’t it nice to have a place where nobody actually even tries to make a point, just ramble, just let all the pretty stimuli drizzle into your brain…?! Fashion can be so much more than that obviously but as I already told you, it’s not for me currently.

So let’s start this picture show you guys came to scroll down on in the first place. Here I’ll basically just post all the input I’ve been saving on my desktop lately. Clothing ideas I am into whenever I feel like dressing up once in a while.

#1 The effortless french person from the 70s and beyonde8cdc509b69efe4f33898f032aff1e09--jane-birkin-style-fashion-hair



#2 Touch me I’m sick




#3 mono



#4 o v e r


leider geil

#5 i don’t know how to call this anymore so I’ll just type these words so it doesn’t look like  i am an idiot